Ryal Asbury Armstrong – Martha Ann Skaggs

89 <.pdf Great-Granparents


Armstrong Family

Great-Grandfather known as Ampoo

Ryal Asbery Armstrong

Born: 13 Sept. 1867 Menard County, IL

Died: 1954

Occupation: Farmer, teacher, breeder of coach horses, grain dealer

School Board member for 20 years

Married:    26 June, 1889

Great-Grandmother known as My

Martha Ann Skaggs

Born: IL

Died: Menard County, IL


Dorothy V.

Born: 1888

Died: 24 Sept. 1985

Obit: State Journal-Register 26 Sept. 1985

Married: 1st ____ Ott

Children: Jerry, Martha

2nd _____Carter

Lived: Van Nuys, CA

Occupation: as of Grandpop’s funeral in 1966 she was selling sewing machines for Montgomery Ward


Born: 08 Jan. 1894

Died: 28 Oct. 1982

Obit: State Journal-Register, Springfield, IL

Married: Ruth

Children: Catherine, Ryal, Faye, Barbara, Donald, Lois, Ann, William, Jean,  Irene

Lived: Oakford, IL

Worked for the railroads



Died: as a child

Robert Samuel

Born: 4 Aug. 1898 Oakford, IL

Died: 1966 Salem, NJ

Entered the service: 2 May 1917 in the Marines at Paris Island, SC

Sailed oversees 1 Jan. 1918, serving in the Azores seven months. On the account of the loss of one eye, was discharged. He was a motor mechanic with the A.E.F. <- from the HONOR BOOK – Menard County page 7. His picture appears again as Robert Samuel with no information later in the book.

Married: Sylvia Marie Byus

Children: Esteline Mae, Audrey Ann, Deloris, Robert S. Jr.

Edward Ryal

Born: 8 Mar, 1900

Died: 12 Jul. 1989 Jacksonville, FL

Occupation: Farmer

Married: Marie Vannatten they lived in Chandlerville, Cass County, IL

Children: Ed, Evelyn, Florence


Born: 1903

Died: 1998

Married: Lawrence Ahrenkeil, Uncle Stump


Uncle Tubby

Born: 1908


Married: Margaery

Children: Alan, Elizabeth

Occupation: Patent lawyer


6 responses to “Ryal Asbury Armstrong – Martha Ann Skaggs

  • keith kurman

    This is great, its gonna take me awhile to figure out how it all works but, I’m working on it…btw, why hasn’t anyone picked up on the name Ryal in the family? or Atterbury for that matter??

  • sjerseygrrl

    Sorry, I made a mistake when I first put this up: it is Ryal Asbury, not Ryal Atterbury. Several in our family have names of well know people, well known at the time,

    Francis Asbury was one of the first two Methodist Bishops. I have found not family connection, just admiration.

  • sjerseygrrl

    It is confusing. Uncle Cyrus, Grandpop’s brother (he was at the funeral) named his oldest son Ryal. There is a Zachary Ryal Armstrong on Facebook, a likely relative.

  • sjerseygrrl

    Cyrus had a grandson named Ryal, not a son.

    Asbury/Atterbury – I thought it was Asbury and mistakenly wrote Atterbury in the .pdf. Reading through the info on Samuel Watkins I found a reference to an Atterbury. I knew whichever name it was, it was the name of a well know Methodist minister. However, both Asbury and Atterbury were both well known Methodist Ministers.I’ll keep working on it. Maybe Aunt Audrey or Aunt Dee knows which it was.

    Terribly sorry for being such a poor speller. I’ll make corrections where I can.

    One another note, you will see there are multiple connections between the Armstrong, Green(e), Watkins, Kirby and Justice families. Some families came to IL together. Earlier on Graham was multiply connected.

    • Steve Armstrong

      Hello. My grandfather was Cyrus Elijah, son of Royal Asbury. Cyrus’s oldest son was named Ryal. His grandson is the Zachary Ryal mentioned above. Thanks for your posts, it’s nice to explore our history.
      Steve Armstrong

      • sjerseygrrl

        Hi Steve, I remember Uncle Cyrus, he attended, along with his siblings, my grandfather Robert’s funeral. Grandpop’s lungs were damaged in WWI, he died from emphysema at 66, but the rest of them were so long-lived!

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