Royal Armstrong – Aisley Jones

Royal Armstrong

(pronounced Ryal)

Born: 11 Jun 1797 White County, TN

Relocated with his parents: Menard County, IL

Died: 1847 Jasper County, MO

Father: Robert Armstrong

Mother: Nancy Greene [dau. of George W. Greene and Nancy Justice]

Married: 1828 to Aisley Jones [dau. of John Jones and Lydia Gumm]


Bowling Green Armstrong b: 1827 m#1: 1859 Martha Armstrong

Children: William, Frances Mary, Anna, May, Elijah

m#2: 1874 Sarah Ann Lee

Children: Margaret Maud Maltby

John b: 1829

Eliza b: 1831 m: Isaac Miles Watkins

Children: Mary Emaline, John Armstrong Watkins, William H. Aisley, Royal P.

Emeline b: 1833

Nancy Ann b: 1836

Robert L. b: 25 Dec. 1838 m: Lucinda Jenkins

Children: Silas Samuel, Eliza Edith, Anne E., Robert Royal, Mary Margaret, John Spivey, Thomas Hugh

Elijah Jones b: 18 July 1841 Our ancestor

Mary J. b: 1844 m: 1861 Nelson Russell Watkins

Children: Jay, Laura, Corvilla, Robert Lytke, Ell Linvell, Alia Jane, May

All the children with the exception of Elijah Jones and Mary J. were born in Menard County, IL. Royal and Aisley moved to Japser County, MO where Elijah was born. Royal died and Aisley brought the family back to Menard County.


3 responses to “Royal Armstrong – Aisley Jones

  • barbarashoff

    John Spivey Armstrong was my great-grandfather. My grandmother Stella Lois Armstrong b. 1896 was his first child. Would love to add photos to your page. My sister has recently done dna test for further connections to our family.

  • Kristin Williams Jacobs

    Robert L. Armstrong was my 3x great grandfather and his daughter Mary Margaret Armstrong married Eli Chappell and they lived in Guthrie, OK. Robert L. Armstrong also moved to Oklahoma and I found his grave in a small abandoned cemetery. Mary and Eli Chappell were my 2x great grandparents. One of their children, John Milmun Chappell married Nannie Coon. I knew both of them before they died. Their son Vernon Eldred Chappell was my grandfather who married my grandmother, Mozelle Corbin. Their only child, Lyndl Chappell, is my mother. Love this site! Thank you for sharing!

  • barbarashoff

    I love this site as well. Kristin, I have an obit you are going to want. John Spivey Armstrong was my great-grandfather. He married Mary Maud Briley. My grandmother, their first child was Stella Lois Armstrong. She married Vern M. Prichard. Was thrilled to find this post this morning.

    Last night I was knocked backwards a bit. My sister had dna test done at ancestry. I have Lucinda Jenkins as gggrandmother. Here is the challenge, I think I have the wrong parents for Lucinda. I would love some one who has done this research to verify my suspicions of what the dna is telling me.

    On World Connect there several postings showing Lucinda’s parents as John Jenkins and Mary Ann McPherson. However, there are numerous Lucindas. On a hunch, because of the surnames showing up in dna study I saw the name John Jenkins as a husband and his wife as Margaret “Peggy” Clemmer. They too had a Lucinda who’s birth was within a year of my Lucinda on paper. I studied the lines from this union and BINGO! The names in this line are matching the dna perfectly. The real challenge, these posts show her husband as Joseph R. Abernathy. They also show this Lucinda died in NC in 1915.

    Does anyone using this site have any clarification for me? Are John Jenkins and Margaret Clemmer our Lucinda’s parents? The dna is telling me they are.

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