James Armstrong –

James Armstrong 

Born 1707 in what is now Paxtang Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, then known as Lancaster County. The original three counties of Pennsylvania were Philadelphia, Bucks and Chester. Later Lancaster County was added including everything west of the original three.

Died: Dec. 1758 in Anson County, North Carolina.

Unknown wife



William born 1733 Lancaster County, PA

John born 1735, Augusta County, Virginia. Married Mary. John died 1795 in Stokes County, NC. Left no issue.

James Thomas born 1737 – our ancestor

Martin born 1739, Augusta County, Virginia. Died: Sept. 1808 Nashville, Tennessee

Joseph born 1745, Augusta County, Virginia

Benjamin born 9 Aug. 1747, Augusta County, Virginia (twin)

Matthew born 9 Aug. 1747, Augusta County, Virginia (twin)

Mary born 1741, Augusta County, Virginia


2 responses to “James Armstrong –

  • sjerseygrrl

    I have my doubts about that born in the USA part. More likely to have been born in Northern Ireland. There three different immigration records for three different James Armstrong. One landed in Pennsylvania in 1722, another in America in 1737. And the third which I am leaning toward at the moment James Armstrong landed in Pennsylvania in 1728 with this annotation:
    Date of indenture form or date of the Sessions at which the indenture was certified and intended destination. Also provides name of agent. Extracted from “A Register of the Names and Surnames of Those Persons Who Have Voluntarily Contracted and Bound Them

    WAREING, JOHN. Emigrants to America: Indentured Servants Recruited in London, 1718-1733. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1985. 111p.

    It will take further investigation.

    I believe our James’ father was Thomas. I will see if I can come up with immigration records for any Thomas Armstrongs there might be.

  • Holly McIntyre

    Just found this site and hope it can help me figure out some things. I’m very confused about info found elsewhere. I’m descended from James Thomas / Elizabeth Kuykendall’s grandson Jesse who settled in Mississippi. Info on Ancestry.com (very confused and messed up!) identifies James (b.1707) as “Colonel” ???, born N. Ireland, died Paxtang, PA (which makes no sense) married to Jean Murray. Also identifies Jean Murray Armstrong as dying in Anson Co, which makes a link with James Thomas, Sr. Help! Can you give me some reliable information about the generations from James – James Thomas Sr – James Thomas Jr- Jesse?

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