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Before there was the Salem witch hysteria there was….

IMG_4905And yes, these are our great grandparents.

Well, John is. He’s our 13th great grandfather. We are descended from John’s son John Carrington, JR.  and his first wife, Mary.  Joan Carrington is our 13th great grand stepmother. They were hanged 6 April 1651.


John Jr.’s daughter Hannah Carrington is the mother of Joshua Holcomb. Joshua is the father of Capt. Hezekiah Holcomb. Capt. is the father of Timothy Holcomb. Timothy is the father of Matilda Holcomb. Matilda is the mother of Jacob Gumm.  Jacob is the father of Jacob Gumm, Jr.  Jr. is the father of Lydia Gumm. Lydia Gumm is the mother of Ailsey Jones. Ailsey is the mother of Elijah Jones Armstrong. Elijah is the father of our great grandfather Ryal Armstrong.

When Lydia Gumm was widowed she married Shadrack Skaggs. Shaddrack was the son of Henry Longhunter Skaggs, our 6th great uncle, so who knows what additional relationship Lydia Gumm Jones Skaggs is to us.

Why have we never heard any witch stories?


The Salem witch trial were held  between February 1692 and May 1693. Connecticutt witch trials started in the mid-1600’s.  “The Witchcraft Delusion in Connecticut 1647-1697”, John M. Taylor lists thirty-five cases between 1647 and 1697, as well as two more in the 18th Century, of which a total of eleven resulted in executions.


William Watkins and Wives

Wm-SophiaWatPhoto used with the permission  of Emma West

Matilda Kirby and William Watkins are our 3rd great grandparents. Matilda was William’s second wife, not our direct grandmother. However, she was the sister to William’s 1st wife, Sophia Kirby, our direct 3rd grandmother. Their daughter, Susannah Watkins was married to Elijah Jones Armstrong, Ampoo’s (Ryal Asbery Armstrong) parents.

GranmaWatkinsPhoto courtesy E. Bacon

“Gramma Watkins’ Home.”

I’m not exactly sure who that “Gramma” might have been. William and Sophia’s home, then William and Matilda’s home, or Lucinda Watkins’ home as a courtesy “Gramma”? For some time, Lucinda Kirby Watkins (another sister) was Menard County’s oldest inhabitant. Lucinda married Lewis Watkins, William’s bother. James Watkins and Christina Swearens (there are many spellings) had 12 children, William and Lewis  are only two of that bunch. Cyrus Kirby and Keziah “Kittie” Greene had 9 children.

Home of the Armstrong clan

Liddesdale, Roxbrugh, Scotland

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James Armstrong –

James Armstrong 

Born 1707 in what is now Paxtang Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, then known as Lancaster County. The original three counties of Pennsylvania were Philadelphia, Bucks and Chester. Later Lancaster County was added including everything west of the original three.

Died: Dec. 1758 in Anson County, North Carolina.

Unknown wife



William born 1733 Lancaster County, PA

John born 1735, Augusta County, Virginia. Married Mary. John died 1795 in Stokes County, NC. Left no issue.

James Thomas born 1737 – our ancestor

Martin born 1739, Augusta County, Virginia. Died: Sept. 1808 Nashville, Tennessee

Joseph born 1745, Augusta County, Virginia

Benjamin born 9 Aug. 1747, Augusta County, Virginia (twin)

Matthew born 9 Aug. 1747, Augusta County, Virginia (twin)

Mary born 1741, Augusta County, Virginia

James Thomas Armstrong – Elizabeth Kuykendall

James Thomas Armstrong was born in Augusta County, Virginia 1737. He married Elizabeth Kuykendall. Elizabeth was born about 1743 in New York State. She was the daughter of James Kuykendall and Sarah Coburn. Elizabeth died in 1806. James died in North Carolina.


Robert A. born 28 May, 1760, Lincoln County, North Carolina (our ancestor)

James born 1762 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. He married about 1780 to Elizabeth Carroll. Elizabeth was born about 1769, daughter of Joseph Carroll and Mary Kuykendall. Elizabeth died before 1813 in Tennessee. James died 1832. James joined the service 1780 from SC. He lived in South Carolina until moving to Maury County, TN. Service Record: 2926


I am amazed by how restless these early Armstrongs were.



Robert A. Armstrong – Nancy Greene

Our Revolutionary Soldier Ancestor

Robert A. Armstrong

Born: 28 May 1760 in what is today Lincoln County, North Carolina.
Married: Nancy Greene, daughter of William Greene and Nancy Justice, 22 June 1787 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.
Robert died: 9 Sept. 1834 in Menard County, Illinois. He’s buried in the Old Concord Cemetery in Petersburg, Illinois.

Robert was a Private in the Revolutionary War, serving in the NC Militia under Col. Little and Gen. Ashe. Robert went in place of his father, James. He served aged 19-20 1779-1780 in battles at King’s Mountain and Hornet’s Nest, NC.

Nancy Greene Armstrong
Born: 6 Feb. 1768, Lincoln County, NC
Died: 1856 in Menard County, IL

Nancy had a son, Bowling Green, before she married Robert. Bowling looked a lot like Robert. He followed Robert as Justice of the Peace. Bowling grew to be a big man, over 300 pounds. He seemed to be a popular fellow. There are many Bowling Greens named after him in Armstrong and related families. I don’t know if they thought his name a joke or not. Perhaps he like the city of Bowling Green, KY was named after the Bowling Green in New York City where patriots pulled down a statue of King George III.

Robert and his family lived in Lincoln County, NC near Brevard along Kuykendall Creek (named after his mother’s family). Moved to White County, Tennessee before 1797 where they lived until at least 1812. The family seemed to spent some time in Kentucky. Land was granted to Robert in Menard County, Illinois for payment of his services in the Revolutionary War. Aunt Eliza established her link to Robert becoming a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Bowling Green b: before 1760, NC

James Armstrong b: 8 Feb. 1788 NC

Jesse Armstrong b: 1789 NC

Robert Armstrong b: 1792, NC d: 1798, KY

Rhoda Armstrong b: 15 July 1794, NC m: John Clary d: 9 May 1840 KY

Royal Armstrong b: 11 June 1797 White County, TN, removed to KY, then to IL m: Ailsie Jones in Menard County, IL moved to Jasper County MO where he died 1847 Our ancestor.

Hugh Armstrong b: 7 Aug. 1899, White County, TN m: Frances Graham Greene d: 7 May 1839, Menard County, IL

John (Jack) Armstrong b:13 Jan. 1803 [Pictured in the post below]

Elizabeth (Betsy) Armstrong b: 9 Mar 1805 m. Edward Porter d: 7 Aug. 1886

Nancy Armstrong b: 1809 m: Henry McHenry d: 1894

Eliza W. Armstrong b: 25 Apr. 1812 White County, TN m. 1829 David M. Pantier

Uncle Jack Armstrong

Uncle to Elijah Jones Armstrong

Brother of Royal Armstrong

One of the Clary’s Grove Boys and Lincoln’s friend



The original is at Illinois State Historical Libary


The story of the fight and the friendship

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