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Family Tree

FamilyTreeArmstrong: the first 6 generations


I’m a lot more Dutch than I knew about.  I have known I had a lot of Dutch ancestors through my mother’s family. I didn’t know there were any on the Armstrong side: Kuykendal, Westphael, Jensen/Hansen, and Cool through the Armstrong marriages; VanCleave, Brent, and Schenck through the Skaggs; Van Nye, Updyke/Op Dyck, Ryswick, and Wesek, Da Zailen and Renwalts  through the Wigthtman marriages were all Dutch.  I think the “Cool” makes up for the “Skaggs”.

I’m also less Irish and more Scotch than I knew. The families I’d found were from Ireland, are really families that left Scotland for Northern Ireland (whether it was their own idea or someone else’s idea): Skaggs, Kirby, Thompson, Roy and Armstrong, of course..

Our Chaudoin ancestor/s were French Huguenots, The Watkins and Jones families came from Wales. The Gumms were German. Some families that came from England: Wightman, Holmes/Hulme, Smith, Wait/e, Carter, Fisher, Chase, Sheffield, Clarke, Dyer/Dyre, and Hutchinson. I’ve found no ancestor who came here late enough to have an Ellis Island experience. Richard Smith who came in the 1630′s is the earliest of the Armstrong ancestors to land in the new world.

I have yet to start compiling our Byus side.